UNICARE / About Us

Unicare known as a marketing company. The company distributes the product of Herbal Cosmetics (UNICARE BRAND), Aroma Cosmetics (CHASE AROMA BRAND), Ayurvedic Juice medicine & veterinary product (BASIC AYURVEDA BRAND) throughout Odisha MP, Jharkhanda, Chhatisgarh & Andhra Pradesh using its network of State Branch offices, Distributors and Dynamic Agents in virtually all major cities. Unicare has fueled its growth through strategic alliances and smart management and now has momentum not only to propel its existing product portfolios to the forefront. But also to introduce global brands and help them curve out a niche in India.

NAME :     Unicare Marketing,    Estd. - 1995

                Hollyhock International,   Estd. - 2014

DEALS WITH :       Herbal Cosmetics (Body Care, Face Care, Hair Care), Ayurvedic Medicine (For Diabetic, Joint Pain, Gas / Acidity, Piles, Asthama, Blood Pressure, Kidney Stone, Liver, Fever, Heart Problem, Memory Development, Weight / Fat Loss, Skin Disease, Thyroid, Feeds, Improve Health etc.), Herbal Juice, Food Supplements, Medicine, Rista & Asav, Ras Rasayan, Bati & Guggul, Churna & Powder etc.

AREA OF OPERATION : Odisha, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh.

STAFF & CO-WORKERS : 48 nos well experienced staff with 400 above Dealers & Distgributors.

TURN OVER : 1 crore above p.m., 15 crores above @ annum.

OUR AIM : As per the customer demand we want to recruit Dealer/Sub-dealer at all Panchayat Area. For which 150 above nos employment will be generated within 2018/19 financial year.



Products are : Facial Kit, Bleach, Toner, Facewash Facepack Hair Care, Body Care & Skin Care product

Chase Aroma Cosmetics – by Dr. Naresh Arrora


Dr. Naresh Arora, a known Cosmetologist and Aromatherapist, started the business after having attained knowledge in beauty care, salon treatment and aromatherapy. Dr. Arora regularly conducts Aroma Workshops across India (since the last 10 years) and today the 'Chase Skin Care Institute' boasts of having trained more than 20,000 students across the country. More than 5000 Diploma holders have started their own Beauty Clinics or have joined Multi National Beauty Groups as experts.


Dr. Arora's Aroma Classes attract a lot of enthusiasm among the beauty professionals. Dr. Neeti Arora, a Naturopath Doctor by profession and a Reiki Healer of repute, conducts regular Practical Demonstrations of 'Chase' products and techniques across the country. Today, all the herbal products manufactured under the able guidance of Mr. Arora have gained immense popularity under the name of 'Chase Aroma'

BASIC AYURVEDA : Herbal Juice, Food Suppliments, Medicine etc.

Ayurveda (Science of life) is the traditional medicine and natural healing system of India and its cultural sphere. Its foundation comes from the Vedic Era, the primitive age around 5000 years ago. It is appropriate to say that it is the Mother of all Healing Systems. Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive healing systems in the world, dealing integrally with body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda has classified the body system according to the theory of Tridosha to overcome all ailments by eliminating the basic cause.

The basic objective of Ayurveda is to educate people on how to take care of their health by themselves and increase their span of healthy life. One can achieve this goal by monitoring and balancing one’s nutritional diet and life style. Keeping good habits to heal and prevent illness and inadequacy of body functioning. This system is related to the soul, body & mind simultaneously. Psychosomatic theory recognizes that the mind can create illness in the body