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INGREDIENTS: Jamun/Indian black berry (Eugenia jamboana)

.Dose: Take 50 ml. to be diluted with ½ glass of Soda or water to make refreshing drink. Twice a day before meal.

CAUTION: Consult with your physician prior to using any suplemental/ products.The Indian blackberry (jamun) provides lower calories as compared to other fruits It is a fairly good source of iron as it provides about one to two milligrams or iron per hundred grams. It is an excellent source of vitamin C; this black plum provides 18 milligrams of vitamin C per hundred grams. This berry is a rich source of folate, Vitamin B, carotene, magnesium, potassium, fibre and antioxidants. Treatment of diabetic patients:

Basic ayurveda-Jamun juice if taken regularly will reduce and control blood sugar level of the diabetic patients. Treatment of mouth ulcers: Due to presence high astringent properties in Jamun fruits it can be used as regular mouth wash for fast recovery of mouth ulcers. Treatment to reduce ringworm: The antioxidant properties of jamun fruits can be used as home remedy to reduce ring worm in intestine system of human organs. Purifies blood: Taking Basic ayurveda-Jamun juice will purify blood to prevent kidney problems also. Control blood pressure :

Taking Basic ayurveda-Jamun juice will help to control blood pressure. Improve digestive system: Basic ayurveda-Jamun juice is a very cooling diet which will help to improve digestive system. Treatment of lever diseases: Taking Basic ayurveda-Jamun juice will reduce chances of liver diseases like cirrhosis of lever to maintain healthy lever function. Reduce chances of cancer: Anti-oxidant properties of the jamun will help to reduce chances of cancer specially in mouth and intestine system. Prevent chances of heart disease.