Maha Bhringraj Tel


Product Name - Maha Bhringraj Tel

Product Category - Herbal cosmetics

Weight: 100 ML

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KALKA : Manjistha , Lodhra,Padamaka,Rakt Chandan , Bala , Haridra , Daruharidra, Gairika, Nagkesar, Kamal Phool, Ananta(Sariva),Priyangu & Yasti.

KWATH : Bhringraja, Murchit Tila Taila



Direction for use : Gently Massage on hair & scalp.

Caution : Consult with your physician prior to using any suplemental/ Ayurvedic products.


Bhringraj Oil : It is Enriched with goodness of Bhringraj herb. It is mainly used as an ayurvedic tonic for hair care. Bhringraj is one of the distinguished medicinal herbs used in preparation of ayurvedic medicines. It is one of the prominent herbs used as an ayurvedic medicine for Hair loss, Premature greying, etc. Bhringraj oil when massaged on to the scalp, gives a calming effect and promotes a good sleep. It penetrates hair shafts & nourishes the scalp.


Maha Bhringraj Ayurvedic tail (oil)combines the goodness of Bhringraj and other Ayurvedic herbsfor


   1. It improves hair strength and promotes hair growth. It is useful in treating headache, ear ache,

       diseases of ear, nose and eyes.

   2. It is also useful in the treatment of Alopacia and premature baldness.

   3. It is useful in grey hair and split hair problems.

   4.Prevents Sleeplessness , headaches reduce stress and anxiety.

   5.Useful for preventing hair loss and dandruff.