Mahanarayan Oil


Product Name - Mahanarayan Oil

Product Category - Ayurvedic Basic

Weight: 100 ML

MRP : 135.00

Trade Price : 135.00
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INGREDIENTS:Til Taila, Rasna, Asvagandha,Saunf, Devadaru, Kustha, Salaparni, Mudgaparni, Agaru, Puskar Mool, Choti Elaichi,Manjistha, Yasti Madhu, Tagara,Nagarmotha, Tejpatra, Bhringraja, Jivaka (Vidari), Rsabhaka(Vidari), Kakoli (Asvagandha), Ksirakakoli (Asvagandha), Meda ,Maha Meda, Rddhi (Varahi), Vrddhi (Varahi),Sugandh bala, Vach , Palasamula, Gathivan,Punarnava mool, Corapuspi ,Bilva, Asvagandha, Goksura,Kateri,Sona patha, Khareti,Arni mool,Kanghi panchang, Gandh parsarini, Patla, Shatavar, Haridra,Lodhra,Motha, Nalika,Amla,Baheda.


Dosage : Gently Massage the effected part with this oil for a long time fomentation recommended or as directed by the physician.

Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any suplemental/ Ayurvedic products.


This is a widely used remedy for curing all the Vata Rogas (joint and muscular pains). Massage with this oil helps to provide quick & lasting relief from joint pains, backache, pain in the ribs, and calf injuries or pain in any part of the body etc. Gently massage the affected part with this oil Fomentation recommended.


1. It's massage is very beneficial in relieving joints, back & ribs pain. It strengthens the nerves, muscles and bones. Because of it's effective properties ,this oil is very beneficial for children ,adult, elderly people and women.

2. Because of its heat producing effects, this oil is wonderful for athletes, elderly people, sore muscles and arthritis.

3. An excellent analgesic, it soothes sore, painful muscles and is traditionally used for arthritic or rheumatic conditions and stiffness in the joints and spine. Muscular Strain & Sprains. Demulcent & Emollient.