Van Tulasi Syrup


Product Name - Van Tulasi Syrup

Product Category - Ayurvedic Medicine

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Van Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum). Van tulsi is also called wild forest holy basil or wild forest tulsi. It helps to suppress cough and aids the mobilization of mucus. Modulates healthy immune response and supports early recovery from respiratory illness. Best use of this product when having chronic obstructive lung diseases, asthma and bronchitis recurrent respiratory infections Seasonal cold.

Basic ayurveda Van Tulsi is an innovative herbal cough syrup, that Provides rapid relief from chest congestion.Facilitates the easy expectoration of tenacious mucus from the respiratory tract. It is well balanced synergistic herbal formulation which is not only

INGREDIENTS: Van Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Mulethi (glycyrrhiza glabra), Banafsha (viola odorata), Talispatra (taxus baccata),Haldi (curcuma longa), Sudh tankan (purified borex), Sudh navsadhar (ammonium chloride), Pudina satva (menthe spicata), Sudh madhu (pure honey),

DOSAGE: Take 1 tsp(5gm/approx) mixed into a glass of water to be taken before breakfast and if necessary before dinner.

* Expectorant, * Decongestant, * Anti-microbial, * Anti-allergic, * Demulcent, * Broncho-dilator

* Common cold and cough, * Chronic and irritable cough, * Sore throat, * Chest congestion, * Useful in fever, * Beneficial in Seasonal cold, * Immunity Booster

But beyond that it is rejuvenator to Respiratory tract.